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Westford School and Public Library Collaborative

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
Directory of Collaborative Members
II. Public Library Background
III. School Media Centers Background
IV. Collaborative Activities
J.V. Fletcher Library Policy on Services Available to Teachers
Westford Public Schools Class Assignment Alert
What We Can Do Cooperatively
Value of NMRLS Services
V. Glossary of Acronymns
MBLC: Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners
NMRLS: Northeastern Massachusetts Regional Library System
I. Introduction

Mission Statement Of the School and Public Library Collaborative of Westford, Massachusetts

We, the professional representatives of the Libraries of Westford are working together to improve and enhance Library Services and resources for the Westford Community.

The purpose of the collaboration of the Westford School and Public Libraries is the promotion of an informed, educated, literate populace in the community of Westford via professional communication, resource-sharing and provision of the unique informational, recreational and cultural resources of the school and public libraries.

Our collective expertise and cumulative experience brings to this effort commitment, professional dedication and a visionary approach to fostering the betterment of individual and community life.

History of the Collaborative

II. Public Library Background

Mission Statement of the J.V. Fletcher Library

The mission of the J. V. Fletcher Library is to serve its clientele as progressive, responsive community resource. It is dedicated to serving the general informational, cultural, recreational and issue-oriented needs of its patrons, and to sustaining them in a lifelong pursuit of learning and personal growth. The Fletcher Library is a resource for exploring and using new technologies and formats, and serves as a meeting place for groups, individuals and families. While the Fletcher Library strives to be both reflective of, and responsive to, the community, it also seeks to be in the vanguard of professional library service -- attracting and leading the community into the future in a warm and welcoming public setting.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees, July 10, 2000.

J.V. Fletcher Library Vision Statement

The J. V. Fletcher Library is a professional information partner dedicated to helping the Town of Westford and its citizens realize their full potential.  Library patrons experience the Fletcher Library as a responsive, creative resource meeting their unique needs and offering a memorable and personal library experience.  Lives are enriched and enhanced through the lifelong exposure to, and exploration of, life-changing ideas, art, literature, information and evolving technologies.  In a world of rushed and removed relationships, the library offers both a virtual village and a space of sanctuary and neighborhood.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees, June 5, 2000

III. School Media Centers Background

Mission of Westford School Library Program

The mission of the Westford school library program is to encourage academic excellence by providing services and instruction to students and faculty that support the school's curriculum in a welcoming and purposeful environment. Library teachers collaborate with faculty in designing learning opportunities with up-to-date quality resources, information, and technology. And help students to become effective life-long learners.

To accomplish the mission the Westford school library program will:
· Foster a love of reading and an appreciation of good literature  
· Provide students with access to a variety of information, which enables them to define a problem, locate, apply, synthesize, and evaluate information in their research process  
· Assist students in acquiring the necessary skills to gain knowledge using information, ideas, and technology ethically, creatively, and critically

Goals of Westford school library program

· Goal 1. To strengthen students' learning opportunities by aligning the K-12 school library media centers with the Massachusetts School Library Association (MSLMA) state standards.
· Goal 2. To provide students and faculty with equitable access to professional Library Teachers and facilities.
· Goal 3 . To promote student achievement by integrating information literacy skills into a Frameworks-based curriculum.
· Goal 4. To develop a collection of current and sufficient resources to support teaching and learning.
· Goal 5. To communicate the importance of a dynamic library media program integrated into the district's K-12 curriculum.

V. Glossary of Acronymns

MBLC: Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners

NMRLS: Northeastern Massachusetts Regional Library System

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