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Director's Evaluation Procedure and Timeline

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Per the Board Policy on Staff Evaluations, "a formal evaluation shall be defined as a review of a person's work in order to commend performance where appropriate, judge effectiveness and suitability, and set goals for future performance. The evaluation process is to be a positive one with the objective of helping Library employees achieve their full potential to maximize both their job satisfaction and their benefit to the Library organization."

The Director will send via email and hard copy the Board-approved evaluation form to the Trustees with a Self-Evaluation indicating the progress made toward implementing the previous year's goals.

A Working Session of the Trustees will be posted as a separate meeting from the regular monthly Trustees' meeting.

The Trustees will check off the performance boxes on the Evaluation form and add their comments to this form and the list of goals.  The Director will also do a self-assessment, using the performance boxes.  The completed forms will be emailed promptly to the Chair for compilation.

The Chair will merge the Trustees' data and combine all their goal comments into a single document.  This form, along with the Director's self-assessment form, will be emailed to the Trustees and Director.

The Board will review the material and hold a meeting to discuss the results of the evaluation.  The choice of goals for the previous year will be discussed and goals for the following year will be selected.  The major aim of the meeting will be to develop a more effective Director and a more informed Board with a stronger consensus.
The Chair will incorporate any directed changes into the evaluation form before it is released to the Director of Human Resources.

N. B. The Committee felt that out-going Trustees would have more to offer in the Director's evaluation than newly-elected Trustees, and should be included in the working session.

APPROVED: 5/3/04

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