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            The Library Trustees and Director regret that, should fiscal municipal constraints demand it because of lack of funds or lack of work, or should reorganization necessitate it, the traditional recourse of implementing layoffs within a valued staff may prove unavoidable. In the event that layoffs become the only viable fiscal or organizational alternative, the following directive for implementation of layoffs will be followed.


1. The Board of Library Trustees will endeavor to institute personnel changes in a manner consistent with the J. V. Fletcher Library's stated "Mission Statement" and "Goals," and with those standards of service delivery promulgated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

            a. The Board will endeavor to endorse a continued emphasis on quality community service, and will make staffing and resource decisions in this spirit.   

2. Layoffs shall include a reduction in force or a reduction in hours. The Director shall institute the layoff process subject to the approval of the Trustees. The process for identifying a position for layoff by the Director shall be the following.

            a. The Library Administration shall first determine which FUNCTIONS are not absolutely necessary to continued service  or the upholding of organizational goals or Commonwealth standards at a given funding level.

            b. Next, the POSITION performing the function will be identified and analyzed, and finally;

            c. The STAFFPERSON(S) filling said position(s) will be identified and notified of the impending layoff in order of inverse seniority in writing.

            d. Prior to the laying off of any permanent staffpersons, any temporary employees or employees of under one year's seniority shall be laid off (See CWA Bargaining Contract).

            e. The determination of which FUNCTIONS are deemed necessary and the number of POSITIONS which shall be affected by a reduction in force shall be the sole prerogative of the Library administration, and its decision shall be final.   

3. Staffpersons shall receive a minimum of two (2) weeks' notice of impending layoffs, or in lieu of notice, two (2) weeks' pay. (Professional staff shall be given one (1) month's notice of said layoff).   

            a. Notification of layoff and eligibility for bumping shall be made in person and in writing. As determined by the Director, staffpersons eligible for bumping rights will be apprised of potential positions for bumping in writing at the notification of impending layoff and given forty-eight (48) hours in which to accept or refuse said position. Confirmation or refusal of the bumping opportunity shall be made to the Director in writing, with the forty-eight hours commencing at the receipt of the layoff notice.

            b. Both laid off staff who are ineligible for bumping and "bumped down" staff shall remain on a RECALL LIST for two years' period and shall be notified of job vacancies resulting from terminations or resignations at their classification level, subject to seniority and qualification. The administration shall firstly offer recall opportunities to qualified staff in order of seniority; should no qualified staff avail themselves of the recall opportunity, the administration shall secondly, notify other laidoff staff of any position available for their application, prior to opening position vacancies to the general public.

            c. It is the employee's responsibility to keep the Library informed of his/her current postal address, and it is understood that the Library may send any notice of recall to the address last listed in the Library records. (See BUMPING AND RECALL PROCEDURES).

            d. The right of an employee to return to work upon recall shall be forfeited if not exercised within ten (10) working days of notification which shall be deemed given on the postmarked date when sent by registered or certified mail to the last known address of the employee on file.

  4. It is understood that as a result of layoffs and compressed hours of service, subject to required notification of, and discussion with the CWA Bargaining unit, the Director is authorized to reorganize functions, task assignments, rotations, shifts, schedules, days off and the percentage of hours spent on public service versus specialties in order to insure continued service to the library public. Significant alterations in tasks and responsibilities will indicate a review and revision of staff job descriptions.   

5. All staff directly and indirectly affected by staff layoffs shall receive the opportunity for assistance in job search and resume preparation from Library staff, using Library equipment.   


1. Any employee aggrieved by a layoff may appeal the layoff to the Board of Library Trustees. Employees shall appeal any layoff notice within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of their notices of layoff. The decision of the Board of Trustees on Exempt staff appeal shall be final. CWA employees may initiate the grievance procedure outlined under Article 10 of the negotiated contract to grieve express and specific violations of articles within the CWA Contract.


Voted and approved by the Board of Library Trustees, Sept. 10, 1991.  Changes added 9/16/91, approved by CWA 11/13/91. EDR.

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