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Safety at Closing Time


The J. V. Fletcher Board of Library Trustees authorizes the Director to enact this Closing Procedure to minimize personal liability, to guard against potential facility damage and to ensure the security of Library staff and public at closing time.  Please see the related policy Unattended Children for procedures to observe when minors are left at the library at closing time.


Chairs of after-hour meetings are charged with the following responsibilities:

1.      The official Board or Commission Chair will ensure that all attendees (as well as Board members) leave the facility upon adjournment. This ensures the safety of the staff member on-site and this allows the town facility to be secured.  

2.      Remind attendees that the parking lot lights will automatically turn off at 11:15PM and suggest that conversations which continue in the parking lot at late hours do so at a volume which will not disturb our residential neighbors.  


Should an adult be left stranded at the library after closing hours, staff will have the option of referring them to the pay telephone at the Police Station.  Under no circumstances will Library staff transport or accompany a patron from the library grounds.  
In the event that an adult patron displays traits that cause the two senior staff persons to deem it necessary, the staff may proceed under the language of the "Unattended Children Policy".


Should a patron refuse to leave at closing time, all staff persons will remain to handle the situation. The Building Supervisor and his or her designee, or the two staff with the most seniority shall deal directly with the patron. Should 15 minutes elapse and the patron has not yet acceded to requests and directions to leave, the Police Station will be called and an Officer will be requested to escort the patron out. Attempting to stay after closing time after being repeatedly asked by staff to leave will be deemed as - interference with the staff's performance of their duties - under the "Code of Conduct Policy".


Approved 12/2/02, 1/3/05

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