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Volunteer Policy
                                                                                                Per s.8

            In recognition of the rich benefits of volunteer community service, and in light of the unique labor resource which volunteerism represents, the Trustees of J. V. Fletcher Library endorse in-house library use of volunteers, within the following guidelines:

            1. The role of Volunteers shall be to enhance and augment paid staff in the development and realization of library goals, programs and services; volunteers will not be utilized to fill paid staff positions or replace staff, either pre-professional or professional.

            2. Volunteers shall receive a commitment statement ("Welcome, Volunteer!"), orientation and training, and sign a Volunteer job description. Volunteers whose duties include working with children or assignments within in the Youth Services Division will undergo a CORI check prior to beginning volunteer work at the Library.

                        a. Volunteer work shall take place under a staff supervisor and shall be subject to direction, review and evaluation, change     consistent with library need, correction and possibly termination for the benefit of the larger library organization.

                        b. As with paid staff, Trustees and Friends of the J. V. Fletcher Library, Inc. Board members, volunteers shall understand that   their demeanor, comportment, and productivity reflect upon the image of the greater library as a whole.  

                        c. The J. V. Fletcher Library's fundamental position of dedication to, and conscientious delivery of, quality service shall be   imparted to all volunteering personnel.


VOTED AND APPROVED BY THE BOARD OF LIBRARY TRUSTEES: August 6, 1991; 6/5/2000; 12/6/2004; 3/5/07.


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