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Princess Stories


The Dwarf Giant.  
A. Lobel
(E Lob)
The Firebird.   
R. Isadora
(E Isadora)
The Girl Who Loved the Wind.     
J. Yolen
(E Yolen)
The Good Stepmother.
M. Rudolph
(E Rudolph)
M. Inkpen
(E Inkpen)
Many Moons.   
J. Thurber
(E Thu)
The Paper Princess.       
E. Kleven
(E Kleven)
The Paper-bag Princess.    
R. Munsch
(E Munsch)
A. Wilsdorf
(E Wilsdorf)
The Princess and the Pea.
H. Anderson
(E And)
 The Princess and the Pea.
E. Stevens
(E Stevens)
Princess Chamomile gets her way.
H. Oram
(E Oram)
The Princess Knight.
C. Funke
(E Funke)
Princess Penelope's Parrot.
H. Lester
(E Lester)
The Red Wolf.   
M. Shannon
(E Shannon)

DISNEY (see blue bin labeled E Disney) 

Disney 5-minute Princess Stories.
L. Baker
   (E Disney)
Disney Princess.    
J. Weinberg
Disney Princess Vol. II         
F. Berrios
Disney's Aladdin
Once Upon a Princess Vol. 1.   
Once Upon a Princess Vol. 2.      
Princess: an Essential Guide.  
N. Moffat
The Paper-bag Princess.    
R. Munsch
Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty.            
Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.   
R. Hollis


The Little Mermaid  
Hans Christian Andersen
(j 398.2 And)
The frog princess
Elizabeth Isele
(E s 398.2 I 2)
The princess and the frog
Rachel Isadora
(j 398.2 I2)
Sleeping Beauty
retold by Mahlon F. Craft
(j 398.2 Cra)
Sleeping Beauty
retold by Margaret Early
(j 398.2 Ear)
The sleeping beauty
retold by Trina Hyman
(j 398.2 Hym)
Snow White
by the Brothers Grimm.
(j 398.2 Sno)
Snow White and the seven dwarfs
adapted by Joan Aiken
(j 398.2 Aik)
Snow White and the seven dwarfs
retold by Laura Ljungkvist
(j 398.2 Lju)
Atalanta's race : a Greek myth
retold by Shirley Climo
(j 398.21 Cli)
The Firebird  
retold by Robert San Souci
(j 398.2 S 31)
The Glass Mountain
retold by Nonny Hogrogian
(E s 398.2 H 4)
The light princess
adapted by Robin McKinley
(j 398.4 Mac)
Little daylight
adapted by Anthea Bell
(j 398.2 M 6)
by Melinda Lilly
(j 305.42 Lil)
The princess and the beggar
by Anne Sibley O'Brien
(j 398.21 OBr)
The princess and the goblin
abridged by Oliver Hunkin
(j 823.8 M)
The princess and the Lord of Night
by Emma Bull
(j 398.2 Bull)
The princess and the pea
written by Alain Vas
(j 398.2 Vae)
The princess mouse
by Aaron Shepard
(j 398.2 She) 
The princess test
by Gail Carson Levine
(j 398.2 Lev)
Savitri: a tale of ancient India
retold by Aaron Shepard
(j 294.5 She) 
The three princes
retold by Eric A. Kimmel
(j 398.21 Kim)
Well at the end of the world
by Robert San Souci
(j 398.2 San) 


The brocaded slipper  
Lynette Dyer Vuong
(j 398.2 And)
Brothers Grimm
Rachel Isadora
(E s 398.2 I 2)
Fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen
(j 398.2 And) 
The Princess book
Ida Chittum
(j 398.2 Pri)
Princess stories
Cooper Edens
(j 398.2 Pri)
The shining princess and other Japanese legends
Eric Quayle
(j 398.2 Q)
The starlight princess and other princess stories
Annie Dalton
(j 398.2 Dal)
Twelve tales
Hans Christian Andersen
(j 398.2 And)



The Princess and the pea.
H. Ziefert
(E(R) Ziefert)



Alissa, Princess of Arcadia.
J. Ross
(j F Ross)
Anna of Byzantium. 
T. Barrett
(j F Barrett)
The castle of Llyr.    
L. Alexander
(j F Alexander)
Cinderellis and the glass hill.    
G. Levine
(j F Levine)
Clever lollipop.     
D. King-Smith
(j F King-Smith)
 The cry of the Icemark. 
S. Hill
(j F Hill)
 Glinda of Oz.      
L. Baum
(j F Baum)
A grain of rice.     
H. Pittman
(j Paperpack)
Happily ever after.           
A. Quindlen
(j F Quindlen)   
The land of gold.   
G. Bradshaw
(j F Bradshaw) 
 The lost princess of Oz.
L. Baum
(j F Baum)
The mysterious girl in the garden.
J. St. George
(j F St. George)
Outlaw princess of Sherwood.
N. Springer
(j F Springer)
Ozma  of Oz.   
L. Baum
(j F Baum)
Princess Horrid.     
E. Haugaard
(j F Haugaard)
Princess Sonora and the long sleep.
G. Levine
(j F Levine)
A small, elderly dragon.   
B. Keller
(j F Kel)
The Tale of Despereaux.  
K. DiCamillo
(j F DiCamillo)
Tom, Babette & Simon.  
(j F Avi)
The two princesses of Bamarre.
G. Levine
(j F Levine)
Wren's quest. 
S. Smith
(j F Smith)
 Wren's war.  
S. Smith
(j F Smith)

Series (j Series  - Royal Diaries)

Elisabeth : the princess bride
B. Denenberg
 (j Series  - Royal Diaries) 
 Elizabeth I, red rose of the House of Tudor
K. Lasky
Jahanara, Princess of Princesses   
 K. Lasky
Kaiulani : the people's princess
E. White
Lady of Ch'iao Kuo : warrier of the South
L. Yep
Lady of Palenque : flower of Bacal  
 A. Kirwan
Nzingha, warrior queen of Matamba
P. McKissack
Sondok, princess of the moon and stars
S. Holman
Victoria, May blossom of Britannia
 A. Kirwan


Princess Biographies: The Lives of Real Princesses

At her majesty's request.
W. Myers
(j B Bonetta)
The double life of Pocahontas..
J. Fritz
(j B Poc)
Lady Diana Spencer : Princess of Wales
N. Whitelaw
(j B Diana, Princess of Wales)
The last princess.
F. Stanley
(j B Kaiulani)
Pocahontas : daughter of a chief.
C. Greene
(j B Pocahontas)
Pocahontas : princess of the river tribes.
E. Raphael
(j B Pocahontas)
Princess Caroline.
J. Wheeler
(j B Caroline)
Princess Diana.
K. Krohn
(YA B Diana)
Queen Elizabeth II.
S. Barton-Wood
(j B Elizabeth II)
To be a princess.
H. Brewster
(j 940.099 Bre)

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