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Star Wars

Youth Services Fiction / Non Fiction

TITLE / AUTHOR                                                                                                     LOCATION

Star Wars, Episode I. Dangers of the core / Jim Thomas.                                  E(R) Thomas  

Star Wars, Episode lll : Revenge of the Sith (Movie Storybook)                          jF Alfonsi   

 Star Wars, Attack of the clones : the visual / Daniel Reynolds.                            j 791.43 Rey

Star Wars, Episode I : visual dictionary / Daniel Reynolds.                                  j 791.43 Rey

Star wars : The essential guide to characters / Andy Mangels.                            j 791.43 Man

Star wars : The visual dictionary / David Reynolds.                                             j 791.43 Rey

Star wars encyclopedia / Stephen Sansweet.                                                     j 791.43 San

Star wars : Revenge of the Sith : the visual dictionary / James Luceno.                j 791.43 Luc

 The phantom menace : the illustrated screenplay / George Lucas.                       j 791.437 Luc      

 Star wars : Clone wars adventures. Vol. 1 /                                                        j Graphic

Star wars : Clone wars adventures. Vol. 2 /                                                        j Graphic

Star wars : Clone wars adventures.  Vol. 3 / Hayden Blackman.                           j Graphic

Star wars : Clone Wars adventures. Vol. 4 / Jeremy Barlow.                                j Graphic


Young Adult (YA) Fiction / Non-fiction

TITLE / AUTHOR                                                                                                     LOCATION                                                                                                                                                    
 Star Wars : the essential guide to droids / Daniel Wallace.                                   YA F Graphic Novel

 Star wars : union / story, Michael A.  Stackpole.                                                  YA F Graphic Novel

Star Wars episode II : attack of the clones / R. Salvatore.                                    YA F

The unauthorized Star wars compendium : the  / Ted Edwards.                             YA 791.4375 Ed 


YA Fiction Series [YA F Series]

TITLE / AUTHOR                                                                                                    LOCATION

Crisis at Crystal Reef / Kevin Anderson.                                                               YA F Series

The day of reckoning / Jude Watson.                                                   

 The evil experiment / Jude Watson.                                                        

The dangerous rescue / Jude Watson.                                                               

 Balance point / Kathy Tyers.                                                                  

Dark journey / Elaine Cunningham.                                                        

 Rebel dream / Aaron Allston.                                                                           

 The trail of the Jedi / Jude Watson.                                                    

Darth Maul : shadow hunter / Michael Reaves.                                               

 Traitor / Matthew Woodring Stover.                                                      

Star by star / Troy Denning.                                                                             

 Destiny's way / Walter Jon Williams.                                                      

Star wars, episode III, Revenge of the Sith / Patricia Wrede.

 The fight to survive / Terry Bisson.                                                                    

 Dark apprentice / Kevin J. Anderson.                                                                

Star wars : a new hope / George Lucas.                                                       

 Diversity alliance / Kevin J. Anderson.                                                     

The Emperor's plague / Kevin J. Anderson.                                             

The Lost ones / Kevin J. Anderson.                                                                    

Return to Ord Mantell / Kevin J. Anderson.                                                    

Shadow Academy / Kevin J. Anderson.                                                                          

Trouble on Cloud City / Kevin J. Anderson.                                            

Dark tide : ruin / Michael A. Stackpole.      

 The dark rival / Jude Watson.                  

City of the dead / John Whitman.              

 Eaten alive / John Whitman.                   

 Specter of the past / Timothy Zahn.           

 Conquest / Greg Keyes.                        

 Rebirth / Greg Keyes.                         

 Star Wars, episode II : attack of the clones / Patricia Wrede. 

 Rebel stand / Aaron Allston.                  

 Remnant / Sean Williams and Shane Dix.        

 Refugee / Sean Williams and Shane Dix.    

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