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Why Patrons Love the Bookmobile
My Story:
Westford Library Users Share Their Stories......

Photo of library user Edna Macpherson
Name: Edna Macpherson
Hometown: Westford
Occupation: Retired Homemaker
Favorite Book: The Shell Seekers

The Bookmobile goes where none have gone before.

Why I Use My Library
I would like to share what a blessing the Bookmobile is to me! When the children were small, the bookmobile came from Boston and parked across the street. The lady was very kind, and so helpful! She brought all kinds of books, plus the many titles that I requested. Later on, I enjoyed going to the library for many years. Now that I am disabled and can't get out, Maureen Barry comes in the Bookmobile and brings me all kinds of interesting books and videos. Maureen and I have tea and cookies, and catch up on all the news. I want to thank the library in Westford and Maureen for making this service possible; it has truly blest me!


  Photo of library user Anna Vanbever

Name: Anna Vanbever
Hometown: Westford
Occupation: Retired
Favorite Book: Author: Danielle Steele

It's like having a personal shopper!
Why I Use My Library
I love the convenience of the Bookmobile and I love the company of Maureen Barry, the Bookmobile librarian! I enjoy the recommendations and the selection of books Maureen brings. Westford is lucky to have a wonderful Outreach Service like this. I look forward to the Bookmobile visiting my home every three weeks. (I am on the high on the high side of 86 years old and don't get out like I used to)!


Photo of library user June Kennedy

Name: June Kennedy
Hometown: Westford
Occupation: Author
Favorite Book: No Ordinary Time by D. K. Goodwin

An author's rolling resource!
Why I Use My Library
For almost a quarter century the Westford Bookmobile has been a most welcome sight as it pulls into my drive for a home visit every third week. Through the years, I've taken advantage of its many offerings: bestsellers, classics, poetry, and titles reflecting my hobbies in art, antiques and handicrafts. I especially appreciate the reference material that has aided me in my writing of Westford's history. Books slated for a monthly book discussion group which meets at my home are thoughtfully delivered or returned via the Bookmobile. Of course, the Books on Tape and videos offer a nice change of pace! A call-ahead reservation for material is invariably enhanced with reviews and, if necessary, alternative suggestions. The friendly service of the Bookmobile enriches my life and brightens my day!

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